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About elevator

About elevator

For more than 35 years, Draka Elevator has built a global reputation for providing quality elevator products including traveling and hoistway cables, trough, wire rope, and accessories. The division offers extensive inventory through its global manufacturing and distribution network backed up with logistic and expertise necessary to ensure optimal elevator operation.Draka Elevator is a customer-driven organization that, over its 35 year history, has grown from a single cable plant to the worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of over 7,000 components essential for the safe and efficient operation of elevators. It’s this level of ingenuity that makes Draka Elevator the world’s leading supplier of elevator components. Our dedication to serving our customers is shown in what we make and how we deliver it. For instance, the elevators that climb the 828 metre-tall Burj Khafila are powered and controlled by a custom Draka cable that incorporates fiber optic cable. On a local level, we work with our customers to produce ‘kits’ that hold every component needed for an installation and time them to arrive just when they are ready to be used. Additionally, the products we make are rigorously tested and built to comply to the regulations and codes of wherever they are being used.

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