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About Fibre

About Fibre

Draka, a brand of the Prysmian Group, has a long-standing heritage in manufacturing fibre, for a broad range of optical fibre cable applications, and today, we continue to lead the way in the design and production of such solutions. Bringing innovative technologies together to meet the greatest expectations of our customers, with cable types used, reflecting the applications in which they’re employed.   Find out more about how we work, or if you’d like to discuss your specific needs with us, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With advanced passive network solutions developed to outperform, we’re passionate and committed to helping our customers stay ahead. Firstly, we set about understanding your goals, needs, markets and challenges. Then we apply our market insight and technological know-how, to offer the best possible solution to you. Whether that’s creating new applications and cables, or an entire network design based on standard or custom solutions, Prysmian Group has all the expertise and the experience needed to do whatever it takes. Our Research and Development team is committed to new technologies, while our Innovation Policy sees us partnering with the engineering departments and qualification laboratories of our customers and suppliers. It’s an approach that ensures we can continue to:

  • Meet the future demands and expectations of the industry – with expert Design and Control characterizing the technical performance of our cables, and qualification approval testing to our customers’ applications.
  • Develop a product range that meets our customers’ precise needs, and adds value – such as our optical cables range that allows for higher Data transmission.
  • Support our customers, suppliers and our partners – with our advanced cable engineering expertise.

Combining this approach to flexible operations, with our Supply Chain policy, means we mean continually provide our customers with industry-leading solutions to many of their design challenges, and logistic requirements.

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