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About Military & Defense

About Military & Defense

The most specialized cables of the Specialties & OEM Business Unit

The defense business of the Prysmian Group makes wire and cable products designed for military and defense applications across the globe.  This application area of the Specialty & OEM Business Unit focuses on cables that operate in severe environments, products that have unique performance requirements, or require highly eningeered solutions.

The defense business provides cables for terrestrial, submarine, sonar, field-deployed communication systems, and other unique applicatons. Prysmian also participates in development contracts with both government and defense contractors to create new cable products for application specific uses.  Our product range is extremely diverse comprising power cables, control and instrumentation cables, data transmission and communication cables (including optical fiber) and combinations of all of the above in a common package.  

We have proven our value to to defense contractors and militaries worldwide for over a hundred years.  Our products typically meet the most stringent requirements possible from a bevy of national military standards such as French NF, British Def Stan, German VG and American MILSPEC.

Prysmian defense cables provide high preformance and safety in terms of: reliability, extreme mechanical stess, harsh environment, low-smoke/zero halogen, compactness, protection against electromagnetic interference and other important attributes to the worlds military forces.

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