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About Multimedia Solutions

About Multimedia Solutions

Multimedia Solutions specializes in everything to do with cables for private communication networks. We sell and manufacture optical, coaxial and copper cable – and millions of kilometers of single-mode and multi-mode optical fibre. In some cases we also offer a range of connectivity components and support services. 

The result, is whether you depend on network solutions to run your business, or you are a wholesaler, value-added reseller, or OEM, we can help you meet your current and future requirements with greater bandwidths, longer life, absolute reliability and whatever else you need.

Although everybody nowadays is using mobile phones, the vast majority of applications are run on cabled infrastructures. MMS develops, produces and sells copper and optical fibre cables that cover virtually every communications application in this field 

Technologies involved cover wire-based cable for signaling and control purposes 

  • Twisted pair cable / balanced 
  • Coaxial cable / unbalanced 
  • Fibre optic cable, both multi- and single-mode 

Mission Statement 
“Multimedia Solutions provides cable solutions for all kinds of communication needs, in premises, industry and transport infrastructures.”


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