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About Power Distribution

About Power Distribution

The Prysmian Group product portfolio for the Power Distribution market segment includes medium-voltage cable systems - also including all types of network components - for the connection of industrial and/or residential buildings to the primary distribution network and low-voltage cable systems for power distribution and cabling to buildings.

How we work
Prysmian Group is a solution provider committed to remaining close to its customers, listening carefully to their requirements, meaning we are able to understand market needs and to respond to unique needs. Products are designed and created in compliance with international industry standards with the goal of satisfying current requirements and  improving environmental performance, cutting the use of harmful substances and reducing pollution. Prysmian Group dominates the technology scenario in all phases of power circuits development - engineering, design, production, installation and maintenance - with a turnkey approach, which covers the asset’s entire lifetime and provides customers with the benefits of a lower total cost of ownership of the system. Major utilities are currently installing Prysmian Group power distribution solutions and exploiting their benefits.

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